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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ayla's 2nd Birthday

We just celebrated Ayla's second birthday party in December. She loves Sesame Street and Barney. When we asked her which party she wanted to have she said "Abbey and Elmo." So we went with the Sesame Street theme. She had a blast especially with the cupcake! She LOVES to eat! We served Pizza (Elmo's favorite), chips and pasta salad (Noodles). I found Solo plates and cups at the local Wal-Mart with the Sesame Street characters on them. We played Oscars Trash Toss...we brought a bag of our recycled plastics and the kids raced to see who could get the trash in the can the fastest (they loved this). We also played Big Birds Balloons Bust... We had a garbage bag full of balloons and when it was time we opened the bag and the kids just went wild sitting on balloons. The last game was Feed Cookie Monster...I made a cookie monster with the Cricut, made 3 chocolate chip cookies out of cardstock, put a penny the center to weigh them and each kid through 3 cookie in his mouth. For the tables I purchased red, yellow, blue, & green tablecloths from the local dollar store. I handmade Sesame Street sign centerpieces with paper tubes, styrofoam balls, green spray paint, hot glue gun, cardstock and the cricut. Gotta love that Cricut for all your crafty projects. Instead of a cake this year I tried my hand at Cookie Monster and Elmo cupcakes. They did'nt turn out as well as I wanted but they tasted good! Miss Ayla had red icing all over her new sweatshirt that I ordered from It has the SS characters hugging the letters of her name. I also made Cookie Monster's favorite chocolate chip cookie for a little extra sweet. We gave each child that attended a Mini Pinata that I ordered from Elmo for the boys and Abbey for the girls. She personalized them with Happy 2nd Birthday Ayla (super cute). Included in each pinata was a gift from some of the characters. Goldfish crackers from Dorothy (Elmo's fish), a glow in the dark rubber duckie from Ernie (ordered from, crayons from Elmo ( and just a little candy to help fill it up. She had a great time lots of family and friends came out to celebrate her. She is such a sweet baby girl and a true blessing in out lives.


  1. The party was awesome and as usual you are very creative and I thought you had bought all of those decorations. Didn't realize you had made them. I thought the cupcakes and cookies were adorable!

  2. So cute~ You have great ideas. I knew you were a crafty Queen too~