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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Our "Cupcakes" 1st Birthday

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Today you turn ONE! We chose to have a cupcake party because you just LOVE to eat :) You have never been a picky eater. Love this photo of you licking the icing from your hands.
The kids decorated their own cupcakes. I made the little chef hats out of cardstock and elastic that come on the party hats (super simple to make). I had little decorator bottles filled with icing to help control the mess (pampered chef).
You started walking at 10 months old so by your birthday you were everywhere. Independent not wanting anyone to hold you. Had this outfit and hairbow made to match the party but you were not enjoying the hairbow at all! Love those little chubby cheeks :)
Your "play" cake was a HUGE however, it didn't take you long to "dig" into it.
You really wanted mama to have a bite.
Little sneaky grin after all the sugar. That purple icing stained your little sweet face.
Instead of opening the presents you were climbing on them :) You are such a sweet precious angel...Happy Birthday my sweet Ayla. I look forward to celebrating many more....Mama ~

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